Google announces Android news package on Gboard, Nearby Share and more

Google released a list of news for several of its products for Android, such as Gboard, Nearby Share and even Maps. The updates will be delivered for use later this year, include more users of old versions of the operating system and do not depend on firmware updates (phew!).

Google creates package of new features for various apps on Android (Image: publicity / Google)

Google creates package of new features for various apps on Android (Image: publicity / Google)

The first novelty is the greater amount of emojis that can be mixed, with Emoji Kitchen on the keyboard. Previously limited to hundreds of combinations, there may now be more than 14,000 of them. The idea is this: you choose a smiley figure and then put a snowman, then the Gboard makes the snowman smiling. Or touch the emoji with a kiss and then the pineapple to make a kissable pineapple.

Google improves accessibility of more Android devices

The second will not arrive in Brazil, but if you have a Play Store account in the United States or United Kingdom, you can transform digital books into audiobooks. The narration is created automatically. The third puts the Voice Access which is already on Android 11, for all users with devices running at least Android 6 Marshmallow.

The feature is focused on accessibility and allows control of the smartphone or tablet screen by voice, with the help of machine learning. With it the user can ask to open an app, or scroll the page and even to touch a button.

Google Maps is also in the new feature pack and will place a different tab on the home screen. With the name “Go”, it takes the place of the current “Day by day” and will show suggestions for places already selected as favorites by the user, or for others recently searched. The goal is to create the route to the destination with fewer taps on the screen.

Also in December, Android Auto will be launched in more countries in Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. Finally, Nearby Share will be able to share applications downloaded from the Play Store even when one side of the connection is not receiving data from the operator, nor from Wi-Fi.

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