Google launches internet via 2 Gb / s fiber with Wi-Fi 6 router | Telecommunications

THE Google debuted its new fiber optic internet speed this Thursday (3). After a few months of testing, subscribers to the Google Fiber can now subscribe to a provider plan with 2 Gb / s download, the “2 Gig”, with the right to a Wi-Fi 6 router. The new offer is only available in two cities in the United States.

Google Fiber (Image: Paul Sableman / Flickr)

Google Fiber (Image: Paul Sableman / Flickr)

Google launches 2 Gb / s internet in the United States

The new Google Fiber plan goes beyond the “1 Gig” plan, with 1 Gb / s speed. “In August, Google Fiber announced our plan to test the 2 Gig service in Huntsville and Nashville. Today, we are pleased to announce that 2 Gig is now widely available in these two cities, ”they announced.

Known as “2 Gig”, the new mode of internet service via fiber optics offers 2 Gb / s download and 1 Gb / s upload to subscribers, without any type of data limit, for US $ 100 per month, value equivalent to about R $ 510 in direct conversion. Customers still receive the Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router, with Wi-Fi 6.

The new plan, however, is limited to only two cities in Alabama and Tennessee: Huntsville and Nashville, respectively. “If you’re not in Huntsville and Nashville, don’t worry,” they said. “You can still sign up to try 2 Gig and other products through our Trusted Tester program.”

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Samsung Galaxy F62 appears with 6 GB of RAM and Android 11 | Cell

THE Samsung should debut another cell phone for Galaxy F family coming soon. The supposed Samsung Galaxy F62 appeared in benchmark tests conducted on Wednesday (2) with 6 GB RAM, Samsung Exynos processor and Android 11. The date and launch price of the next smartphone, however, are still a mystery.

Samsung Galaxy F41 (Image: Press Release / Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy F41 (Image: Press Release / Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy F62 appears in benchmark test

The Geekbench 5 tests conducted this week point to a Samsung phone with the code SM-E625F. Second Ishan Agarwal to the 91Mobiles this Thursday (3), the model refers to the expected Samsung Galaxy F62, which should mark its debut sometime next year.

As pointed out by the benchmark results, the phone has Android 11 installed, possibly with the One UI 3.0 interface, and reached single-core and multi-core scores of 763 and 1,952, respectively. The 6 GB RAM and the Samsung Exynos 9825 processor are among the specifications mentioned in the test report.

Possible Samsung Galaxy F62 appears in a benchmark test (Image: Playback / MySmartPrice)

Possible Samsung Galaxy F62 appears in a benchmark test (Image: Playback / MySmartPrice)

The other details of the Samsung Galaxy F62, such as screen size and resolution, specifications of the photographic set and other members of the technical file, such as the battery, have not been revealed so far.

In October, Samsung announced the Galaxy F41 with a triple camera of 64 megapixels and battery of 6,000 mAh. Even though it was approved by Anatel a month earlier under the SM-F415F / DS model, there is no forecast for launching the phone in Brazil.

With information: 91Mobiles and MySmartPrice

Fortnite gets Kratos skin; costume is not exclusive to PS4 or PS5 | Games

Kratos, from the series God of War, is available at Fortnite as a costume sold in the game’s online store. The Sony character, however, can be used on any device where the game was released, including the entire Xbox line, Nintendo Switch and also on Android.

Kratos arrives at Fortnite, with bonuses for those who play on PS4 and PS5 (Image: Epic Games / Disclosure)

Kratos arrives at Fortnite, with bonuses for those who play on PS4 and PS5 (Image: Epic Games / Disclosure)

Kratos is sold in a package that costs 2,800 V-Bucks – about R $ 60 – containing still other items, such as a hang glider in the shape of a Spartan shield, the head of the god Mimir to adorn his back and the Leviathan ax to collect materials on the map of Fortnite.

It is possible to buy the items or the skin as individual objects, but the promotional price is lost and the cost varies for each piece. Purchasing on one platform guarantees the skin on all others, as Fortnite it’s “cross-play”.

Although not exclusive to PS4 and PS5, players who use Kratos in a game of Fortnite on these platforms they receive an additional: an alternative look to the costume, containing golden armor. Just complete any game, among all the modes available in the game.

Who will be the next one?

It is not the first time that Fortnite has promoted a large gathering of characters from different universes. The current season also features Din Djarin, the hero of the series The Mandalorian, from Disney +. In addition, other well-known figures should arrive in the game.

According to the Hypex account, on Twitter, a leak indicates that Master Chief, protagonist of the saga Halo, from Microsoft, will also be launched in Fortnite as a skin that can be purchased by the user.

If you follow the same formula as Kratos, it is more likely that Master Chief will be released on all platforms, but with bonuses for those who buy and play on any Xbox with the character.

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